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    Defensive Driving Training to Licensed Drivers

    Raising awareness, skills and assess attitude on the roads.

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    ZABA Defensive Driving is a registered defensive driving training provider

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    Specializing in consultancy, developing and delivering driving solutions

    Reducing Accidents in Workplace and on Roads

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Welcome to Our Website

ZABA Defensive Driving is a registered defensive driving training provider, wholly black-owned and 100% managed by qualified are competent PDI individuals.

Consulting Services on defensive driving

Zaba Defensive Driving provides the most effective defensive driving lesson in Johannesburg.  Contact us to guide you through our easy, professional and  defensive driving lessons.

Onsite Defensive Driving

Onsite Defensive Driving Training services to corporate businesses, parastetals, mining and government in the material handling, road transport, safety, and civil engineering and building industries.


ZABA Defensive Driving specialization consultancy, developing and delivering driving solutions that help to improve employee productivity while reducing clients’ operating cost.

Why Choose Zaba Driving?

Our Driving School Provides Best Defensive Driving Courses.
Friendly Instructors
Friendly Instructors

Who won’t want the most friendly tutors willing to teach and see you pass?  These are what our Instructors boast of.

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We help companies achieve drastic drops in fuel consumption, maintenance costs, crashes and satellite alerts after our training

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Course Reduction
Course Reduction

Corporate managers are also impressed by reduction of costs resulting from enhanced skills better fuel consumption better vehicle maintenance and lower accidents rates

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Zaba Defensive Driving provides one of the most affordable and professional defensive lessons in the industry.  Why not contact us today to benefit from this?

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