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About Us

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Our Training

Our training is designed to reduce accidents and make drivers more aware of their surroundings.It is ideal for corporate Fleet driving and drivers who wish to take their driving skills to the next level, since it is accepted fact that rising levels of driving skills results in reduction of driving accidents. We do not issue certificates on attendance, we only issue cerificates on competency.


Who We Are

ZABA Defensive Driving is a registered defensive driving training provider, wholly black-owned and 100% managed by qualified & competent PDI individuals (Previously Disadvantaged Individuals). The company is mainly focused on Defensive Driving Training to licensed drivers to raise awareness, skills and assess attitude on the roads.

Why Us?

Vehicle incidents are the leading cause of death and lost time accidents in the workplace.Driving is among the most dangerous activity that employees engage in and they deserve every opportunity to learn proven defensive driving fundamentals and attitudes that will keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

Our Goal

ZABA Defensive Driving specialization consultancy, developing and delivering driving solutions that help to improve employee productivity while reducing clients’ operating cost. Our goal and commitment is to reduce the number of accidents in workplace and roads.

Our Vision

 To develop and equip drivers with good defensive driving skills in South Africa and beyond

Our Mission

We take pride in offering excellent driver training, thereby preparing learner drivers both practically and psychologically to become safe and considerate drivers on South Africa’s roads.

To reduce accident rate, boost up professionalism of the drivers as defensive professional drivers on the road who comply with the road and transport laws.

Meet Our Friendl Instructors

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Peter Mashimbe
Professional Instructor
Paul Mashimbe
Professional Instructor
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